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This policy explains the cookie usage of Rapid Catalyist AI ("Rapid Catalyist AI", "Site Publisher", "We") on our website, Rapid Catalyist AI (“the Site”).

During your exploration of our Site, we may place cookies on your device to augment and customize your browsing experience. Cookies store specifics such as the pages accessed, your IP address, and the date and time of your visit, which we leverage to enrich your ensuing visits.

Deciphering Cookies

Cookies are minute text files saved on your device by the websites you browse, they streamline site functionality and tailor your experience.

They have a vital role in improving user satisfaction, retaining your preferences, and delivering personalized content and advertising.

For more explicit information on the handling of your personal data, check out Rapid Catalyist AI’s Privacy Statement.

Objective of Cookies

We classify the cookies we install on your device into the following categories:

Kind of Cookie Objective
Strictly Essential Cookies Critical for site navigation and accessing its functionalities. Used to dispatch content, services, and reaccess previously visited pages.
Functionality Cookies Retain your preferences and recognize you upon your return, enriching your site visit.
Performance Cookies Deliver information on site performance, assisting in its refinement and enhancing user experiences. Data collected remains anonymous.

An exhaustive list of the cookies we utilize on our Site can be found here: [].

Origins of Cookies

The cookies on your device may be initiated by Rapid Catalyist AI or third-party services.

Regulating Cookies

While strictly essential cookies do not necessitate your approval, you can manage other varieties of cookies.

You can handle your cookie preferences using our cookie administration tool at [] or through your browser settings.

Please be aware that deactivating cookies may impact your site experiences:

To adjust your browser's cookie settings, consult your browser's assistance section. For more details:

Amendments to Policy

This Cookie Policy may be revised to reflect adjustments in our practices. We will inform you about any changes and their implementation date.

Get in Touch

If you have queries or require additional information about our cookie practices, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Last revision: 01.11.2024